Optio is a decentralized options exchange empowering institutional market participants. Powered by @StarkNet

Optio provides a robust decentralized marketplace by solving many of the problems in the DeFi derivatives space that stem from insufficient liquidity, such as:

  • Inflexible Investment Vaults

  • Poor or unsustainable liquidity

  • Large trade slippage

We partner with a consortium of professional market makers to provide a set of tools that create a deeply liquid derivatives market for the benefit of the options investor or risk manager.

Value Propositions

  • Optio is the first institutional grade, under-collateralized, decentralized options exchange on StarkNet. We service market makers, investment managers, professional traders, and custodians.

  • We solve for the liquidity imbalance endemic to existing decentralized options products (ie. DOVs - volume mismatch between retail and institutions).

  • Optio solution suite is designed to greatly reduce the time and costs associated with creating and trading new option markets, fully addressing the demands of institutions and market makers.

Who we are

Optio's core team comprises experienced DeFi builders, derivatives solutions architects and engineers, seasoned fintech business executives.

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