Why StarkNet?

Some points on why we have chosen StarkNet

STARK proofs

The cutting edge core technology by brilliant StarkWare cryptographers is so much bigger than just reducing gas fees on Ethereum and has a much wider spectrum of applications beyond even blockchains, it all started within blockchains and will expand further by operating in these two dimensions:

  • Removing the execution layer (no need to compute on all nodes);

  • Removing the data layer (no need to propagate the full state over all nodes).

Account Abstraction as UX solution

Web3 UX is really bad, we aim to offer on-chain trading with Web2-like UX. This is going to be achieved with AA, which is natively implemented on StarkNet.

Proof Recursion

Ability to generate a single tiny proof for say a thousand of transactions (x1'000 scaling, batches could be much larger), aggregate it with a thousand of other proofs (a thousand txs each) and generate a single proof for all of them — getting x1'000'000 scaling for achieving NASDAQ-like TPS, while still retaining the security of Ethereum.


StarkNet enables developers to build applications that imply the need for the full trustlessness, when you don’t want to trust anyone you transact with and you can prove them that something is present or correct without actually revealing it (another use case is dark pools)

Security and decentralization

StarkNet relies on Ethereum for its security and decentralization.

Developer community

Developer community is much more active relative to other L2s, this attracts more teams and individual developers, which means more applications, adoption and growth.

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